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Betrayal at House on the Hill is a great game from some game company. In this horror themed game up to four players take control of characters and explore a haunted house. I won't go into a detailed review of the game or how it is played but I will in short one of the characters becomes a traitor and is out to kill the other characters. The other characters, in turn, are trying to make it out of the house alive.

You can see the rooms of the house being created. You lay the tiles or "rooms" down and explore each one. The characters in game are Vivan Lopez played by The Torando, Peter Akimo played by our friend The IT Guy, Professor Longfellow played by The Teacher, and my character Darrin "Flash" Williams (and that's just "Flash" to you!). Why we went into the house in the first is beyond me, but hey, I can roll with this...

I managed to get a little girl companion and The Tornado got a pet dog to help her out. Meanwhile, Professor Longfellow was packing some heat with a found revolver. Peter Akimo was using a Mirkwood elf that I painted (check out the blogs section). He didn't like the prepaint figure that came with the game.

"Me and the little girl are going to clean house -- literally!"

The Tornado ended up being the traitor, and the scenario was that she could control rats to kill us. This is me and my unnamed girl sidekick trying to kill the traitor and win the game. Instead of using 2D rat tokens that came with the game, we decided to use some of my Caesar Skaven (also in the blog section).

Despite me and the little girl mowing down rats, and Professor Longefellow having more luck that you'd think shooting at rats with a revolver, the good guys were all killed.