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After out Betrayal game, we decided to break out Star Trek: Star Fleet Captains. We played a stripped-down version as the full game can get really long. I won't go into a full review, but I will say that it is an excellent Star Trek game not without its flaws. For this game, we only had one ship, no mission cards, and starbases only took two actions to build. I was the Dominion, The Teacher was the Federation, The Tornado was the Romulans, and The IT Guy played the blood-thristy klingons.

Argh! The IT Guy had the misfortune of flying into a black hole. I swear this happens every game - the black hole appears right on the front of a deployment zone. It really stinks because it is very difficult to exit and you can pretty much count on seeing the ship in Sto'vor Kor. I don't have many more pictures of the game, but the Romulans won this game too (The Tornado).