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This is the first of three games I played with Little. In this scenario, my merchant gang is trying to rescue their buddy Cusso from Little's Star Cops. This is the top view of the table. We are using a hodge-podge of terrain consisting of old Necromunda, Infinity, D&D Under dark cave stalagmites, and 2nd ed. 40k.
There was a vehicle in the middle of the map I could have used, plus there were civilians running around. It was also cold weather, but it didn't affect any of our guys.

My guys are on the left. Drogen is a Necromunda character, Catastrophe Cate is a Mirkwood Elf, Robe is a 2nd ed. 40k Imperial Guardsman, and M9X9 is an Assassin BattleTech Mech. I didn't plan on having my minis from different games. Dar's group is on the bottom of the map.

This is Dar's position. Cusso is in the middle.

My brave merchants, psyched to rescue their buddy.

After planning, they decided to try a frontal assault. This was a poor choice as Little began to take them down. He wisely equipped his units with heavy weapons, while my guys were equipped more for stealth. I only got a small break from the civilians running around, which gave Little a penalty to shoot.

Take down! Robe and Cate failed their assault miserably. Robe, a psychic, had mind-controlled one of Little's guys, but in the end it didn't do much. In the end, it was only Drogen who was standing. He then fled the table like the brave soul he is.

Time for game 2! Little kept his force and busted out my second one. I now have a group of four psychics (Mirwood Elves figures), named one through four. The story is that they are test subjects who are busting out of their facility with the help of a scientist, represented by Mike Wachowski. Little is trying to keep me from getting to the vehicle in the center, which I need to hotwire with two tech rolls to win (take off and fly away!).

Another side view. Little is on the left, and I am in the upper right corner. The 40k vehicle is our escape ship.

Number Three brought down one of Little's enforcers, while four goes up to ship to hotwire it.

Another view from my vantage. You can see four at the ship, with another Space Cop coming to put my guys back in their place. Eventually, four managed to get her tech rolls and escape! Alas, Two lost his life in the attempt.

This is the third and final game we played today. The scenario is now in my favor; Little rolled and got the psychic crystals scenario. Being psychic of course, this helps me. I now have names for my guys: One is Saul, Three is Carth, Four is Wrench, and finally I have Mike. Instead of replacing Two I decided to buff out Mike and my other guys.

A shot of the table from Little's view. His guys are in the foreground right corner, and my guys are hidden in the crystals. He is trying cross the table and get to his escape ship, the oft-used and ever versatile 40k vehicle. The crystals are from the D&D Under Dark terrain set.

You can see Wrench in the middle running to a fallen mike. Saul and Mike took down two of Little's space cops. As long as I am in contact with the crystals, I get a bonus to all my psychic rolls.

In the end, I managed to keep all his guys except one from escaping on the ship. The lighting wasn't very good, but the darkness and shadows in this picture reflects the slaughter accurately, both my guys and Little's. Even thought Mike and Carth were knocked out, they survived the scenario.