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Dar   (05/02/17)

This is a "lost" game of Dragon Rampant I played with Dar some time ago. This was before this website and I forgot that I took these pictures. I only found them going through some family pics on my phone, and The Tornado would not be amused to find Dragon Rampant pictures in the family photo album!

I am on the right with my war hydra (greater war beast), two units of Arcane Legions Romans (probably light foot and light missiles), and the three GW trolls from the Hobbit Strategy battle game (probably bellicose foot). I can see Dar has a GW Mordor troll, and some other units that I can't recall the specific game. He has a troll that is more of a collectible than a game mini in the lower left. This is the same troll fighting my war hydra on the homepage (though a different battle). The just seem to be sworn, blood enemies in every game!

An action shot from behind my units. I find twelve sided-dice very convenient for marking strength points.

Uh oh, this doesn't look good for me. I can tell the my trolls are routed since they are moving away from Dar's units. Bellicose foot aren't exactly known for their unwavering courage.

My war hydra laying in ambush. The hydra isn't even a "real" gaming miniature. It was on clearance at a big-box store for $2, and when I saw it, I couldn't pass it up. I think this guy is starting to become the unofficial mascot of A Brush with Dice.