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After a long hiatus, Dar and I managed to get together late in the evening and party hard as only wargamers can. We did two games of Dragon Rampant. The first game was my elves versus his beast men and LOTR orcs. The second game was my pied piper, kolbold scouts, and a dark elf assassin versus his LOTR elves and Men of Gondor.

This picture is my battle line. I have two heavy foot units, two light missile units, and two ravenous hordes. The hordes happen to be hapless farm animals, enlisted in desperation to stop the orc horde.

This is Dar's battle line. You can see the orcs, which I believe were light foot, and his beastmen, which were heavy riders.

The battle than began! We march towards each other bent on slaughter. There were no scenario objectives this time.

His heavy rider beastmen lead the charge against some heavy foot and light missiles. The ravenous hordes are coming from the right to offer what pathetic support they can muster. In a shocking turn of events, the heavy foot was killed by the beastmen, but emerged in a battered state. The farm animals then charged the batter beastmen and actually won!

Meanwhile, the other half of my army is charging up the other side of the field to engage Dar.

Dar killed the charging army and the remaining unit, a light foot, took cover in some ruins. Eventually it got to the point where Dar's last unit surrounded the unit in the building. We decided at that point to call it a draw.

This is game 2. My army is marching towards the top of table to Dar's forces.

The pied piper on the left with his army of ratmen made a kill out of some light foot Men of Gondor. Meanwhile, so orc thugs (bellicose foot) plus a dark elf assassin came up to assist.

A view of Dar's forces coming to attack.

Dar's hobbit scouts and Men of Gondor tear into the hapless ratmen. There would be no hope for them -- my orcs were too scared (battered) to mount any sort of rescue.

A top view of the of the skirmish. The black tokens indicate a battered status, also known as being "broken" in some games.

At the end of the game was Dar's scouts versus my scouts and the dark elf assassin (heavy missile). He called the game, and ended a long, awesome evening of wargaming.