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My place of employment is having a games day, and being the miniature guy I am I decided to run a game of dragon rampant. In my boastful post on the company website I proclaimed an epic battle between Elves and Dwarves verses Goblins and Ratmen (Skaven). Alas, afterwards I realized that I didn't have most of them based! So, I'm busting my behind to get them done.

Here I'm basing my dwarves from the Hobbit: Escape from Goblin Town set. I spread some PVC glue on the slotta bases and put the guy on top.

I then spread the glue around the base, and then a quick dip in the baking soda pool.

After a brief painting they are more or less done. I painted the dwarves a long time ago with Testors, and I know now that I could have done a better job. I kind of had the same attitude with the bases. Perhaps later I'll go back and add rocks and plants.

Did I mention I hate slotted bases? It makes basing for me more difficult. With my non-slotta Mirkwood elves I just did the bases and glued them on. No, you can't do that unless you cut out the rectangular piece and glue it in beforehand. Since I didn't because I'm angry and in a hurry I did get some of the baking soda and ground color on the my guys boots and legs. Grrr..

(OK it probably is mostly my fault, but I'm still angry nevertheless.)