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More fun from the Escape from goblin town set. Here are the bridge pieces that comprise the Goblin King's platform where he can dole out his slimy edicts. As you can see, there are many different pieces. You have large platforms, small platforms that angle down to form ramps, and a lot of small support beams. When I pick them up, the beams remind me of pretzels. I am half-tempted to wolf one down with some Guac.

My plan for painting is to just spray some rattlecan brown and then paint over. I'm not going to bother with a primer because 1) the brown spray should adhere to plastic just fine and 2) primer plus the brown might cover details with finally 3) on these I don't care enough to put in a ton of effort. It may be not the best startegy, but I generally care a lot less about terrain pieces than my actual minis. We'll see how this turns out...