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Some time ago Little gave me some miniatures we bought together long, long ago from Dar. They dated back to high school and were of hit-and-miss paint quality. I like the minis but the paint quality was just driving me nuts. I finally came to the conclusion that they needed to be stripped of their paint and new paint added. Although adding more minis to my queue doesn't help my goal of painting all my minis, these will be something fresh and new. I haven't painted any sci-fi for a while, focusing just on fantasy.

Of course, how am I going to get the paint off? I have never done anything like this before. Sure I use paint thinner to clean my brushes but this an entirely different scale. So, like any good netizen I took my dilemmna to the Orcale, otherwise known as Google. One thing to keep in mind is that I want to keep down the costs as much as possible. With that, I searched for any method that used resources I could get cheaply or I already had. That is when I stumbled across using brake fluid to take paint off minis. Having some in the garage, I placed my minis in a used sauce bottle and let them sit. A while. I couldn't get to them right away so that sat for over two weeks.

I was afraid of putting in my plastic minis, so I just focused on the metal ones. Even after a few weeks there didn't seem to be any deteroiration.

Yuck, a mini I painted back in the 90's. This was terrible even back then.

Rear shot of the awful mini.

Who knew that Paul Newman could also take paint off of miniatures? I played it safe with a glass jar, in case brake fluid eats through plastic.

As if come down from heaven, we have brake fluid! I admit I staged it a bit to get the halo/sun effect.

The minis in the jar of aforementioned brake fluid. Notice how clear the fluid is.