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As you can see, I am in the middle of painting some Eldar Striking Scorpions. These were part of lot that Little and I bought from Dar years ago. They were originally purchased on Ebay and had a terrible paint job. For those who have been reading the blog for the past few months, you'll probably figure out these were some of the minis I stripped.

I am still having a hard time with this guy. It took me a while to paint his claw, as I vacillated on whether to make it fancy or normal. I decided to go with normal and paint it the same color as his gloves and boots. This is due to the fact that most of the internet pics show it the same color as other parts, and because I don't want a rainbow of colors on this guy. Besides, it's easier to paint this way. Yay for being lazy!

Another overheard shot of the entire crew. They are based on slotted bases, much to my dismay. I was tempted just to saw off the tab and convert them to a normal base but I thought the lesser of it. Although I have the tools to cut through the pewter they aren't the best.

Speaking of slotta bases, one of my guys is missing his base. When they were taking their brake fluid jacuzzi the base started to weaken and then broke when I was stripping him down. It pains me to buy more slottas, but at least they are cheap.

I'm roughly 1/2 done painting them. All I need to do is finish the base coats, throw a wash on, and then highlight. Despite their heritage I'm not using Citadel paints. Vallejo and P3 all the way!

I have a renewed interest in doing more 40k minis. Little is getting back into 40k and I would like to join his Space Wolves with (or against) my Eldar. Besides, you can always throw them down in Rogue Stars.