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Erich   (10/30/17)
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This is an above view of a mine set up I created. You can see the finished bridges in the middle, with some D&D-branded Underdark terrain. The D&D stuff was on sale and I thought that they would make some great cave terrain.

With the bridge I finished all the details with a Vallejo white, Testor's yellow for the horns on the ram skulls, Testor's metallic gold on the doors/planks, and then a splash of Vallejo red.

This is another overhead shot of the terrain. The bottom is just a grey blanket that I had lying around. The camera makes it look purple-ish, but in reality it's not. I like the camera color better.

You can see some scattered rocks around the board. They don't really serve any purpose except for decoration. I find that when you have a featureless mat, the rocks help add a little three dimensional character. They are also super cheap (read: free) and I just picked them up from around the yard.

A final shot, showing a door acting a piece of planking. I just set this up as a proof of concept. I had all the pieces, and once I finished my bridge I thought they would look great together. I was thinking about making a mine-shaft piece of terrain to compliment the other pieces.

I can't wait to play some 40K/Rogue Stars/Dragon Rampant. Now I just need to find some poor soul to play with.